70JÁ is a campaign of the Portuguese Government and the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, to raise awareness on youth rights and promote a rights-based approach on youth policy and youth work.

The campaign is a strategic part of the current government’s youth policy, running between 2017 and 2019 and having its roots on the article 70 of the Portuguese Constitution that specifically addresses youth rights and the special protection guaranteed to youth on the access to rights:

Article 70 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic

1. In order to ensure the effective fulfilment of their economic, social and cultural rights, young people shall enjoy special protection, particularly:

a) In education, vocational training and culture;

b) In access to their first job, at work and in relation to social security;

c) In access to housing;

d) In physical education and sport;

e) In the use of their free time.

2. The priority objectives of the youth policy must be the development of young people’s personality, the creation of the conditions needed for their effective integration into the active life, a love of free creativity and a sense of community service.

3. In cooperation with families, schools, enterprises, residents’ organisations, cultural associations and foundations and cultural and recreational groups, the state shall foster and support youth organisations in the pursuit of the said objectives, as well as international youth exchanges.

Aiming to involve young people from 15 to 30 years-old, the campaign intends to be highly present online, through social media websites and feeding its website on a regular basis.

Activities, initiatives and projects developed by youth organizations, the States or Municipalities are highly welcomed.

A participatory management was devided as the best way of running this campaign, intending to foster co-management, developed a cross-sectorial, approach on youth policy as well as recognizing the need for youth mainstreaming on public policies. It was then created the Committee 70JÁ!, involving public administration, the government and youth organizations.